Wishes For Warriors

We recently got a chance to print shirts for Wishes for Warriors and wanted to share the design here.  Hopefully these shirts reach out and get someone the help they need or the camaraderie they're looking for..

From their website:

The man and reason behind the cause. The man and the reason behind Wishes For Warriors, PFC Luis Perez, my best friend. Just kids, we decided to take the oath and serve our country at the same time. This was the last time I would ever see him again.  He died without ever knowing the love of a child, the touch of a beautiful woman or the feeling of living.

I vowed to make sure every veteran returning from war, knew that they returned for a reason.  To fall means you stood for something. These men and women stood and fell for YOU and I. Never forget.

Never forgotten. Til Valhalla brother...

- Bam