Best Ranger 2017 and the Spartan Race

If you've been in the Army more than a year or so you've probably heard of the Best Ranger Competition.  It's held every year at Fort Benning, GA and consists of 50 (2 man) teams from all across the Army that represent different units.  Each competitor must have completed the US Army Ranger School in order to be considered for team membership.

Lately (as if it were possible to make the 3 day grueling competition worse) they've thrown in a Spartan Race in the middle of it.  Think of Best Ranger as a 4 day Spartan Race with no sleep, but then you throw in a Spartan Race and it gives you that extra kick to the face that you thought you were missing.

On that note, we were asked to create a special shirt for VIPs on the event weekend and wanted to share our design.

It includes participants from the 2016 Best Ranger competing in the first Spartan Race combination as well as the Best Ranger Competition Logo and Spartan Race Logo.

 Spartan Race Shirt

These were printed on poly/cotton mix shirts using Black, Gold and Red Ink.  To keep the 'soft feel' for the shirts, we used high mesh screens for all the colors (305s).

 Thanks to the National Ranger Association for the opportunity to design print and provide (what we think) shows the intensity and teamwork required to be a competitor for the Best Ranger Competition.  See you there!