Why is my order shipping from another location?

We use vendor services for some of our items and their fulfillment locations are across the United States.  Although we are in NC, you may see packages coming from TX or FL as well as outside the USA.


Can I still buy stuff without a PayPal account?

Yep - we use PCI compliant security for our transactions - you can still pay with Paypal without an account as well.


How do I ship to an APO address?

When shipping to an APO (Army Post Office) - you must fill out the order in the follow way to have accurate delivery. Remember that depending on your location, it could take up to 10 days for you to receive your order but we usually send tracking information and have not missed a shipment yet. There are shipping instructions here.


My package didn't arrive when the ship date said
USPS Shipping times and dates are an ESTIMATE from the Post office. The general guidelines for USPS Priority Mail and USPS First class are used for customer to assume the amount of days of travel time within the same zone, if you are in another zone (e.g. West Cost vs East Coast) some additional days of travel and delivery will be required.

We do our best to get our package out the door in 24-48 hours but we are also subject to delivery days based on the geography and service fulfillment agreements from our delivery fulfillment companies.  Some items take 5-10 days in production prior to shipping - this should all be reviewed prior to placing an order that has time sensitive requirements.

For shipping questions, go here instead.