Sizing and Care


We have quite a few different items and offer in different styles (athletic fit, standard fit) but have added a few sizing charts below for you to use to get a better understanding of what size to orde.

If for any reason you have a question about sizing - contact us prior to ordering to avoid issues with trying to return items that don't fit.  We'll get it all straight before it heads out.

NOTE: We recommend any long sleeve or sweatshirts you order a size larger than normal as there could/will be shrinking during laundering or typically these shirts are worn over other shirts causing them to feel small (it's not because you're skipping PT right?)



There are different shirts on this site - some are screen printed and others use a DTG system for printing.    To keep your images bright and colorful (depending on the shirt design), we recommend all shirts be turned inside out and washed with low heat and tumbled dry.

Anything other than that - they may shrink or start to lose their vibrant colors.