Charlie Company, 52nd Infantry (LRS)(ABN) PT Shirts

After being contacted by some of the NCOs from this LRS unit in Washington State, we worked to develop a new 'logo' for not only the unit, but also for PT shirts that will be worn for years to come.

After some initial sketches and conversation, they wanted to incorporate some of the legacy elements from Rangers and Recondo units through Vietnam. 

We wanted to incorporate some of the elements but also push back the design and include the original 'Airborne' symbol from WWII - the parachute was originally worn on the caps of those troops that were part of the original elite.

After about 8 different sketches and workups, this was the final result...

The shirts eventually was printed with a 'distress' look and printed on 50/50 garments - the back neck has the 'In Orbe Terrum Non Visi' logo as well

A special thanks to all the members of C Company, 52nd Infantry that helped make this happen.  We appreciate the opportunity and hope these shirts help in a little way to carry on the LRRP and Ranger traditions for years to come.  RLTW.