New Patches

We've had some request for new patches and designed multiple version for the Long Range Reconnaissance Association as well as legacy 'Jedburgh Team' patches from WWII.

Made for the Long Range Reconnaissance Association members, this custom designed 3" patch comes in either OD or COLOR and features the legacy of the Long Range Reconnaissance and Surveillance Units since their inception as part of the Ranger Battalion heritage from WWII. 

Parachuting behind enemy lines in the cover of night, the Office of Strategic Services' (OSS) elite Jedburgh teams were special operations paratroopers sent into Nazi-occupied France, Belgium, and the Netherlands to coordinate airdrops of arms and supplies, guide local partisans on hit-and-run attacks and sabotage, and assist the advancing Allied armies to defeat the Third Reich.

Jedburgh Patch

  Our version of the patch included a VELCRO backing as well as an OD COLORED set for use by guys still down range.  These are available in the shop.