Custom Pillow Cases

When you buy pillows for your home as accents, you might think... hey, that couch would look a lot better with a Pineland pillow on it... those guys are being oppressed!

Now is your chance to make your dream a reality.  Introducing our 'Pineland' series of pillow cases as well as 'Pirate' pillow cases.  



We only offer the pillow cases because shipping the full pillow just doesn't seem practical when most people use Amazon Prime or some other 'free' shipping service.  Plus, we wanted you to be able to select from the style of pillow you want and just use our case to put on top of it.

The pillow cases are 16" x 16" and have a 'hideaway zipper' so you won't see it sticking out of the top - they are digitally printed in the USA and have no plastic feel to them like you would get from screen printing.

Here's a pillow that we recommend from Amazon Prime to get mailed directly to your house:

 Other pillow designs are available as well including our Pirate Series:

View all of our pillow cases in the shop here - we'll be adding more by request or as we can get them setup.  Thanks for your support.