Run Ranger Run - 2015

In our business we develop relationships with those within the community.  A circle of friends and colleagues that we trust to help move us together as a whole and want positive change.  We've had the opportunity to help with the Run Ranger Run event for 2015 and couldn't be more excited.  In our role we worked with (Candyss is awesome) to help rework the event logo for 2015 and produce great items for the teams participating.

Run Ranger Run


We currently are printing some additional items (outside of the shirt you get for registration) to include a hoodie and possibly other items as the event draws near.

What is the event?

A team of up to ten individuals will pledge to walk, run and/or ride bicycles a combined total of 565 miles in the month of February (usually 28 days). They will raise funds for GallantFew and increase awareness for the stated veteran issues.

The majority of the purchase priceof these hoodies goes directly to support the event and those that need our help.

Have more questions?  Visit Run Ranger Run website or on